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Machine Repair Service

Machine Ethics is dedicated to providing reliable solutions for your machine repair needs.

From manual machines to CNC machining and machine rebuilds, we have the solutions you're looking for.

Machine Ethics has earned a reputation for creative solutions, quality products and reliable service. Our commitment is focused on providing customers with the best solutions to meet their service and repair needs.

Our Machine Repair Services include:


Timely machine repair service minimizing down time. Repair at a fraction of the OEM costs.


Economical process to bring new and continued use of existing machines. Low cost mechanical and control options.


CNC and PLC upgrades on existing machines for safety, efficiency, productivity, and quality of operations.


​Coolant systems, air compressor systems, electrical control systems, cooling tower maintenance and much more.


​Large or small metal working and machining needs.

Preventive Maintenance

​Programs that are extremely effective and are custom to your machine. Eliminating down time and increasing production time.


​In house and portable welders for repairs and manufacturing needs.


​Having problems getting your grinder to make good parts? Are you replacing major machine components and still not correcting the problem? We can help!

Machine Ethics has some of the best troubleshooters for grinding applications in the world. Let us come in and identify your problem and get you running parts again.

Located in Muskegon, we provide industrial machine repair services. Contact us today for a free machine repair estimate or call us directly at (231) 739-7800.