Meet Emily!

If you have called our office or stopped in, then you have met Emily. She has been part of Machine Ethics since 2019 and is an integral part of our team. We are so grateful for her!

Hi Emily! Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Machine Ethics?

My job title is Administrative Assistant, which at Machine Ethics means both the normal clerical duties of invoicing, expense reporting ,and customer communications alongside whatever support the rest of the team needs. I have my hands in payroll, creating task lists for our preventative maintenance program, and aspects of our training program.


What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is that I constantly learn something new about machinery every day. I did not have a background in manufacturing and equipment repair prior to landing my job at Machine Ethics, so everything is new to me. Maybe once a day I’ll ask “what does that do” in regards to a full on machine or a part we got delivered. Its super interesting how many little components goes into a machine even as simple as a lathe. When I’m able, I love being a fly upon the wall to the troubleshooting process.


What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

If the weather is just right, I’ll borrow my parents’ dog for the afternoon and hike one of the beautiful state parks on the Muskegon lakeshore. Currently, you’ll probably find me bringing some love back into my 1950s home. It was a rental property before my husband and I purchased it in 2021and we could definitely tell someone did not see it as a home, just a temporary space. I recently regained my love for reading that was lost somewhere in my early 20s, so one of my current favorite things is to curl up with a crime thriller novel, hopefully with my two cats at my side.


What do you this is the coolest thing we do here at Machine Ethics?

I think the coolest thing we do at Machine Ethics is that we work on essentially everything. Expect maybe residential washer and dryers. We’re not industry specific either! We’re worked on conveyor belts carrying donuts, massive boring mills creating parts for the auto industry, mixers for companies making sealants, and everything in between. We get called everyday about machines that we {or maybe just I} have never heard of, but its not daunting to our team. Its 99.9 percent a “Yes, we can do that!”. Our management team and technicians have extensive experience in the field to trouble shoot any machine and can figure out a solution to the problem. Our technicians are never truly alone in the field either, there is always someone else at Machine Ethics to reach out to that has a background on a specific type of machine or has worked on a similar problem.


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