UPDATE: Machine Ethics Named Top CNC Service Company 2020.

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Not sure if Machine Ethics is the company for you? Check out what some customers are saying about us!

"Actually very impressed they were professional, yet comfortable to work with, no sarcasms, communicated great with each other as well with us, I have dealt with other service techs over the last 25 years and I would definitely recommend Machine Ethics Inc to anyone needing this type of service"
- Granco Clark

"They took it upon themselves to reach out to the manufacturer with questions on how to get the required results and were able to get the machine running"
- Flairwood

"As always, your team was prompt and provided the help we needed."
- Ace Tooling

"Overall, your Service team is always helpful. What I like most is their honesty. They do not try to answer a question they are not sure of. And that helps ensure we get good information to make good decisions, as we work through getting the machines back up and running, and keeping them more robust and running longer. Machine Ethics has always reacted right away to downtime issues and I cannot thank you enough for that."
- Automatic Spring

"We didn't expect any surprises but we couldn't be happier with the work that both [your technicians] did. After being out of service for more than 10 years, we now have a 1982 Okamoto running like it did when it was new!"
- Anonymous

"Adam did an excellent job! I been at this for quite a few years and have worked side by side with SEVERAL service companies/people, he is top 3 best I've worked with, he really listened to what I originally started having problems with and genuinely wanted to fix the problem and get us running in a timely manner."
- Abe-Tec

"Machine Ethics has an excellent response time and their staff conducts themselves very professionally while dealing with diverse and ever-changing machine repair needs."
- Anonymous

"Machine Ethics has done all our maintenance since they started the business. Today they not only do our repairs but have written our preventative maintenance to ISO standards and stay on top of it."
- Anonymous

Located in Muskegon, Michigan — Machine Ethics LLC provides industrial machine repair and preventative maintenance services throughout West Michigan. Contact us today for a free machine repair estimate or call us directly at (231) 739-7800.