Serving the Pittsburgh area for all your industrial machine needs, including CNC programming, machine rebuilds, laser alignment, and much more.

Machine Ethics is proud to service all industrial machine makes and models.


Nestled against the backdrop of the city’s iconic skyline, Machine Ethics stands as a leading authority in CNC machine repair and serves as a steadfast partner for preventive maintenance in the vibrant metropolis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our adept technicians, although not within the city limits, extend their expert services throughout the Pittsburgh area, showcasing our commitment to excellence in machine repair.

In the heart of this industrious city, our meticulous services seamlessly adapt to cater to the diverse spectrum of industrial machines. We specialize in addressing the unique specifications of local equipment, catering to the needs of both cutting-edge and seasoned machinery.

Whether it’s precise ballbar testing, laser alignment, or advanced CNC programming, our skilled technicians bring forth specialized expertise, ensuring industrial equipment’s reliability, accuracy, and efficiency throughout Pittsburgh.

While our primary facility may be rooted in Muskegon, we take pride in being readily available to service the entire West Pennsylvania region, offering top-notch CNC machine repair services.

Choose Machine Ethics as your dedicated partner for maintaining and enhancing industrial machinery in the dynamic city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Nestled amidst the picturesque confluence of three rivers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, stands as an iconic hub with a rich industrial innovation and machine craftsmanship history.

Known as the “Steel City,” Pittsburgh earned this moniker during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It became a pivotal center for steel production, giving rise to a multitude of industrial machine shops.

The city’s strategic location, abundant natural resources, and the visionary work of industrial magnates like Andrew Carnegie led to the establishment of vast steel mills and manufacturing facilities, laying the foundation for a robust industrial sector.

Pittsburgh’s industrial prowess has left an indelible mark on its skyline, evident in the towering structures that once housed steel mills and machine shops.

Today, the city has transitioned into a diverse technological and healthcare hub while preserving its industrial heritage. Pittsburgh is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, reflected in the numerous green initiatives and technology-focused developments.

With a backdrop of historic neighborhoods, cutting-edge research institutions, and a vibrant arts scene, Pittsburgh seamlessly blends its industrial past with a dynamic, forward-looking present.

Popular Services

Our services are categorized into the following popular segments. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each machine setup, our experienced team is proficiently trained to address various situations and scenarios with expertise and adaptability.



For minor adjustments to a machine or system, we recommend exploring our extensive range of A-la Carte services.

While the list provided below is not exhaustive, it encompasses the services most frequently requested and rendered by our team.



We promise you will not be disappointed!


Machine Ethics boasts a highly skilled team of extensively trained technicians capable of servicing a wide range of industrial machines.

In addition to routine maintenance, our team excels in comprehensive machine rebuilds, starting from the ground up. Moreover, we specialize in reverse engineering unavailable parts, ensuring the sustained operation of machines well into the future.

• Coilers

• Lathes

• Routers

• Ovens

• Saws

• Press

• Mills

• Planers

• Four-Slides

• Furnaces

• Boring Mills

• Grinders

• Coolant Systems

• Heat Exchangers

• Hydraulic Systems

• Injection Mold