Machine Ethics LLC – Terms of Service

Effective Date: 1-17-24

Greetings from Machine Ethics LLC (“Machine Ethics,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). These Terms of Service (“Terms”) are the backstage pass to our digital realm at www.machineethicsllc.com (the “Website”). Please review these Terms for a harmonious interaction with our services.

1. Acceptance of Terms

By stepping into our digital arena, you’re nodding in agreement with these Terms and our Privacy Policy. Failure to comply may result in a one-way ticket out.


2. Changes to Terms

We retain the right to remix these Terms. Your ongoing use post-updates signals your nod to the latest beats. It’s your DJ duty to stay in the loop.


3. Use of the Website

The Website is for lawful virtuosos only. No hacking solos or disruptive riffs, please.


4. Intellectual Property

All content on the Website is our digital masterpiece, guarded by copyright laws. Unauthorized use is like playing someone else’s tune – just not cool.

5. Privacy

Our Privacy Policy is the quiet zone amidst the symphony of data. Take a peek to understand our notes on privacy.


6. Disclaimer of Warranties

The Website is presented “as is.” While we aim for a flawless performance, occasional off-notes might happen. Enjoy the melody responsibly.


7. Limitation of Liability

Machine Ethics won’t be your financial sponsor for any digital mishaps. We’re not liable for any damages, so let’s keep it smooth.


8. Indemnification

Be the virtuoso of responsibility. If your online riffs cause a stir, you’re on the hook. Let’s keep the harmonies intact.


9. Governing Law

These Terms dance to the rhythm of [your jurisdiction] laws. No backstage riders here – just the legal groove.


10. Contact Information

For encore questions about these Terms, drop us a line at sales@machineethicsllc.com. We’re here to chat even after the curtain falls.

Your adherence to these Terms of Service ensures a melody of mutual respect and secure online harmonies. Thank you for playing in tune with Machine Ethics LLC.